What’s Up?

What’s Up?

Arooo there China-Beans,

In case you didn’t notice, our secretary mom decided to update our blog page / appearance – she says just because we’re boys doesn’t mean we can’t have a “pretty” blog page. We say, where’s the camo background and survival font? We then saw the look on our secretary’s mom’s face and wagged our tails and backed slowly out of the room.

Anyhoooooooo-aroooooooo, our sweet friends (and doppelgangers – how’s THAT for BIG word on a Friday!?) over at Corkscot have awarded us the One Lovely Blog Award, isn’t that pawsome? Thank you SO much Sidney, Shelby and Sophie – we just love you three (especially Sophie and all the mischief she gets up to *BOL*)


According to the “rules” of the award we are to:

  • Thank the friends who nominated us – done.
  • Add a link to their blog – done (just click on “Corkscot).
  • Nominate up to 15 friends for the award – we know that the award has been doing the rounds and rather than re-nominate somebuddy who has already be nominated, we’re going to leave it open to anybuddy who would like to pick up the award, because let’s be honest ALL the bloggers in Blogville are LOVELY!!!
  • Share 7 facts about ourselves…oh dog, this is going to be fun!


Wallace: I get to go first, because I’m the oldest! Ok so I ,Wallace, only have one top canine tooth. Yup, because of my devilishly handsome overbite, I had to have my right canine removed because it was digging into my palate. This has however NOT stopped me from de-stuffy stuffies, chowing down on pig’s ears (sorry Bacon) or being able to bite holes in most all of MY toys.


Samuel: *sigh* Whatever Wally! I, Sammy, love to sleep on my back – you know to give the ol’…tummy (BOL, you thought I was going to bark something else there, didn’t you?) an airing out and possibly to entice any hoomans who may walk past to give me a tummy rub.

PicMonkey Collage

Wallace: I love to watch television. Anything with: dogs, cows, horses, hoomans or other animals running and babies. I personally think it’s a sign of superior intelligence #justsayin’

PicMonkey Collage2

Samuel: We both LOVE to munch on fresh vegetables as a treat after dinner. Our favourites include: cucumber, green beans, baby corn, sugar snaps and green peppers. We aren’t allowed leftovers / scraps from the table…ever. Mom says it’s for our own good…we’re not convinced.

PicMonkey Collage3

Wallace: I have been dating my girlfriend, Finn, for FOUR YEARS this coming Valentine’s Day. I love her, she is the most arooooootiful girl in all of Blogville.

Missing Wally

Samuel: *smoochy-smoochy-kissy-kissy* *BLUGH!* I am not so secretly trying to befriend my sister cat, Tallulah. We have good days and bad days. Here is a photo of a good day…until I decided to see if she wanted to play…and then it all kinda went down hill from there.


Wallace: I have NO desire whatsoever to befriend our sister cats. I like to bark at them and chase them and am curious to find out whether they taste like chicken.


PeeS: MOM, our not so competent secretary, pressed “Publish” instead of “Preview” while we were still writing our post, so if you got an e-mail for this post and it led to nothing please forward your complaints to: Wallace & Samuel’s Incompetent Mom.



Sammy: Uhm Wal? You do know that it’s already the end of January, right?

Wally: *sigh* YES Sam I’m fully aware of what month it is BUTT, it’d be rude to just suddenly appear in 2016 without wishing everybuddy a Happy New Year.

Sammy: Ok, I suppose you’re right.  Wal? Do you think everybuddy still remembers us? We’ve been away for like over a month!

Wally: I don’t know Sam. I guess we’re gonna find out once we post this picture.


Sammy: I don’t know Wal. I’m feeling a little nervous. We’ve missed quite a few events and happenings.

Wally: Don’t be Sam, this is BLOGVILLE! They’d NEVER forget about us!


Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

Aroooo there everybuddy!!

We’re so sorry for being so scarce, things have been a little crazy here.

For those of you who don’t know, our Oumie has not been well and will be starting chemo therapy on the 29th.

Then, mom being mom didn’t see a step (yes, “A”…as in singular…ONE) and fell down it and sprained her ankle – this happened two days ago


*SIGH* the dogter gave her crutches. CRUTCHES!!! She can barely get around on her own 2 legs and then they give her crutches. W…T…D!!

Anyhowl, it is Christmas Eve…we survived Elfios “visiting” and now we are waiting patiently for Santa Paws to arrive.


Thank you to everybuddy who sent us Christmas cards (both by snail and e-mail), they brightened things up for all of us.

We wish each and every one of you a wonderful and blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year. We are going to be taking a break until probably mid to late January.

Christmas 2015

EOTS*: Journal Entry 4

EOTS*: Journal Entry 4

Dear Diary,

As you know I’m a little behind in my Elf Reporting Duties and I need to make up for lost time PRONTO!! So I sat down with the last of the Christmas fruit mince pies and thought about it…and thought about it…and then I had the most GENIUS idea:

WHO better to report on the “kids” of this house, than their nearest and dearest…the SISTER CATS of course! Tickle me with tinsel and call me Elfstein!  < get it? I’m an Elf AND a genius…Elfstein? Yes?

I immediately got to work, thank Elfness I remembered to pack my travel size recording device! Don’t you just love modern technology?


First, I tried to sit down with Talullah


It took a little convincing but once she got started meowing…elf-oh-elf she would NOT STOP! And I can tell you, off the record, none of it was good. NONE!

Then it was Simone’s turn. Let’s just say, things did not go as I’d hoped…


After 87 minutes of trying to convince her that I am NOT a Leprechaun, she just hissed “no money, no meowee” and walked off.

I’m seriously in reindeer poop! Santa Paws wants an 87 page update by the end of the week and so far all I’ve got is a lot of meowing and not much else.

Signing off…soon to be unemployed…


A Note from Mom:
Hi everyone,
I know that I am not strictly getting this whole EOTS thing right, but I am sure you
will forgive me and perhaps see it as a South African slant on an American-born 
tradition ;-)



EOTS*: Journal Entry 3

EOTS*: Journal Entry 3

Dear Diary,

FINALLY!! I made it!!


And from the looks of things, Christmas hasn’t arrived at this house yet! This is the ONLY Christmassy thing I’ve been able to find…WEIRD!


While checking out the place, I ran into these two guys


Not particularly chatty but they pointed me in the direction of the kitchen…ELF-OH-ELF was I hungry after the long trip getting here. I found some Christmas fruit mince pies…YUM!!!


Wasn’t it nice of them to have bought my FAVOURITE Christmas treat to snack on? Do I have something on my face??

Now to go find the children of this house, I’ve got catching up and reporting to do!

Signing off,


[*EOTS = Elf on the Shelf]