Dear Friends,

We are sad to have to tell you that our Oumie passed away last Thursday evening (17 March 2016), after a short but fierce battle with cancer.

We did not expect her to leave us so soon and had high (or perhaps naïve) hopes that we would have at least another year with her, but it was not meant to be.

Mom is struggling…we’re not sure what else to say…she and Oumie were very close and she is now having to navigate a new way of life without her and she is struggling.

Thank you to everyone who has already stopped by and left kind words on our previous post or via the POTP post that Miss Madi and her mom so kindly put up for us. We so appreciate all your support and love. Oumie absolutely LOVED Blogville and each and every one of you who visited us and sent her messages via our blog.

We hope to be back some time later this year but for now mom needs a break and some time to put things back together in her heart and mind.



The Kitchen

The Kitchen

Aroooo there everybuddy,

The title of this post is actually deceiving, what it really should read is:

We’re Taking a Blogging Break

*major side-eyes & scowls at mom*

You see mom and dada experienced a moment of pure insanity around October last year, when they decided that it is time to re-do the kitchen. Now we’re not just barking a new lick of paint…or new stove (cooker / hob). NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! Not our parental units! When they decide to re-do the kitchen THIS is what we end up with



According to dada’s Project Management Calendar we should have a new brand, spanking new kitchen by the end of March. Yes, you read that right…THE. END. OF. MARCH!!

Until then mom and dada are taking turns overseeing the construction work and so mom has put in for some serious unpaid blogging leave. She has promised to allow us to visit you all and that she’ll try type up a post or two when she can.

So there you have it. Please send positive kitchen renovation vibes our way, because if this project runs overtime we’re packing up and moving in with Auntie Kym!

The Visit – Part 3: SAFARI!

The Visit – Part 3: SAFARI!

Welcome back everybuddy,

We’ve got a whopper of a post for you today, we really think you’re going to enjoy it so without any further ado let’s get started!

(NOTE: Click on the words in BLUE if you want more information and on the photos if you want a closer look)

04 – 06 January 2016: Black Rhino Lodge

Despite our pleas and promises to be on our bestest behaviour, we were once again left out of the fun when the peeps packed up the car and left to go on SAFARI!!

They took a 150km drive out of Johannesburg to a magical place (not that we would know) called Black Rhino Game Lodge. It is a private game lodge / reserve that boarders on the Pilanesberg National Park.

The first thing mom and AM did when they arrived was jump in the splash pool because it was H.O.T.!


The next 2 evenings (5pm) and mornings (5am) were spent in a Ranger Rover with a designated Game Ranger (named Rudi) driving all around the Black Rhino and Pilanesberg reserves.

Copy of IMG_8170

Have you heard of “The Big Five“? Well the term refers to the five most difficult and dangerous animals in Africa to hunt on foot. Anyone on safari in Africa hopes to see “The Big Five” – and you know what? Uncle Bill and Aunt Marianne got to see FOUR of the FIVE, that is super impressive considering they were only on safari for 2 days and it was blisteringly hot at the time.

RHINO – Yup! And even a mom & calf!


ELEPHANT – Yup! And they had babies too!


CAPE BUFFALO –Yes, butt only at a distance BUTT it still counts!

Cape Buffalo

LION – Yes!


LEOPARD – Sadly not BUTT they did get to see:


Kudu (top left), Wildebeest (bottom left) & Impala (right)


Zebra & Giraffes


Monkey (with baby), Crocodile, Apes and Warthog 


African Wild Dog (VERY rare sighting), Guinea Fowl, Jackal and a Scorpion


PeeS: Auntie Marianne? Hi, it’s Sammy! I just wanted to say that I miss being able to jump on the couch illegally and snuggle…please come back. Love Sammy xoxo



The Visit – Part 2: Johannesburg & Shopping

The Visit – Part 2: Johannesburg & Shopping

Picking right up from where we left off last time…

(NOTE: Click on the words in BLUE if you want more information and on the photos if you want a closer look)

02 January 2016: Johannesburg

The day started with a visit to the Apartheid Museum which was pretty heavy going for 9 in the morning butt mom says that it was very interesting and that she’d actually like to go back some time.


From here they caught a hop-on-hop-off City Sightseeing bus for a tour of Johannesburg CBD


The first stop they decided to hop off at was in Braamfontein unfortunately with it still being “New Years” most of the attractions were closed.


Butt they did find a nice place to stop for a bite to eat, The Bannister Hotel.


As they stepped out of The Bannister the heavens opened, as can only happen in Johannesburg on a summer’s day, and it rained…then it poured…then it hailed…and then it was over and the sun was out and beating down on them again.

From here they hopped back on the bus and headed over to Constitutional Hill, which despite advertising being open was in fact closed! Mom was maaaaaaaaaaad, possibly due to her ankle being particularly sore that day…possibly just because she was really looking forward to visiting this particular museum.

This did not however stop AM and Uncle Bill from exploring the grounds and having a grand ol’ time, while mom lay on a concrete bunch (ankle raised) bemoaning the state of the nation and poor service delivery.


PLEASE NOTE: The Flame of Democracy was OUT!! 

Hopping back on the bus the decision was made to just enjoy the ride and see the sights:


Graffiti…Jozi style


Mine headgear in the Mining District


Nelson Mandela Bridge

03 January 2016: Shopping 

The next day was a designated “shopping” day which started off at Sandton City, one of the largest shopping malls in Africa.

From here they caught the Gautrain to Rosebank Mall, the train stops right by the mall … underneath it actually.


The first stop when arriving at Rosebank Mall was at Krispy Kreme, it’d opened about 3 weeks earlier and mom and UB both agree that the Original Glazed is possibly the most delicious thing they’ve ever tasted…we wouldn’t know because as usual none were bought for us.


They then stopped by the Rosebank Art & Craft Market where UB fell in love with & purchased a rather large, framed piece of beaded artwork.


After spending the day shopping it was time for the peeps to come home, spend some quality time with their favourite South African Scotties…and start packing for their next adventure!

Tune in later this week for The Visit – Part 3: SAFARI!


The Visit – Part 1: Soweto

The Visit – Part 1: Soweto

Morning Everybuddy,

We hope you’ve all gone for a wee and have your water bowls close by because today is Part 1 of The Visit!

Now, as many of you may recall a few days before Christmas mom decided to launch herself accidentally fell down a single, solitary step and sprained her ankle:


NOT great considering that Uncle Bill (UB) and Aunt Marianne (AM) were arriving in less than a weeks time and there was much sightseeing and walking to be done.  In all honesty, the less barked about this tiny matter the better.

(NOTE: Click on the words in BLUE if you want more information and on the photos if you want a closer look)

30 December 2015: The Arrival

So, UB & AM arrived the day before New Years Eve. A 16 hour, non-stop flight is no joke, so we instructed the peeps to give them some time to settle in and acclimatize to sunny, heat wave experiencing summery South Africa, which AM was 100% into!


31 December 2015: Soweto Tour

The day started with a 9am pick up for a tour of Soweto (SOuth WEstern TOwnship).

The first stop en route to Soweto was at Nelson Mandela’s former and final home in Houghton, Johannesburg. The house is a private home, still occupied by Mr Mandela’s children and grandchildren butt people like to visit it and take photos of the memorial stones and messages that have been left outside the property.


The route the tour guide took into Soweto took the peeps right past Soccer City (FNB Stadium), one of the main venues during the 2010 Soccer World Cup and now a popular venue for international acts to perform at (mom, dada and Auntie Kym saw Bruce Stringbean Springsteen play there last year), soccer matches and other big events.


The stadium is also often referred to as The Calabash because it was designed and built to resemble a calabash or African gourd.

The first official stop on the tour was at Vilakazi Street, one of the most famous streets in all of South Africa as it housed not one but two Nobel winners: Nelson Mandela and Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu. Mr Mandela’s home has been turned into a small museum: The Mandela Family Museum which the peeps visited.

Mandela Museum

On the way back to the tour bus AM asked the tour guide about the house they’d parked in front of, the owner appeared to be running some sort of business from it…a shabeen to be exact, called The Shack.


The inquiry led to an impromptu visit to The Shack, where the tour guide quickly organised a clay calabash and some Joburg Beer (a traditional sorghum beer or Umqombothi) for everybuddy to try.


Let’s just say UB and AM didn’t take any home with them BOL!

From here the next stop was at the Hector Pieterson Memorial and Museum. The museum commemorates the role South African school children played in the fight against apartheid. Being an ex-history teacher, mom was really excited about visiting the museum and was not disappointed.


After the museum the fantastic tour guide announced that he had arranged an extra stop for everybuddy, a guided tour through Kliptown, one of Soweto’s oldest suburbs and a true example of shack / township living.


On arrival the tour group was met by a Kliptown resident and member of the Kliptown Youth Programme, who took them on a tour through the “streets” of Kliptown, a visit to his own home (shack) and to the KYP centre


Back on the bus the tour was coming to an end with a drive past the Orlando Towers, two former cooling towers which have been re-purposed and are now the location of a very popular bungee jumping / abseiling / zip line adventure operation.


Finally the tour passed by the Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital, the 3rd largest hospital in the world and the largest hospital on the African continent. It is also a teaching hospital butt don’t expect any Grey’s Anatomy-esk fun and games here.

After the tour the peeps all came home to fawn over and play with us and we spent a relaxing New Years Eve together. Auntie Kym made a delicious (or so we are told, because we didn’t get any) lasagna for dinner, butt she was SUPER nervous cooking an Italian dish for AM.


AM gave the lasagna a BIG thumbs up…needless to say AK was very relieved *BOL*

Tune in next week for The Visit – Part 2: Johannesburg & Shopping


Guess Who Visited Us!?

Guess Who Visited Us!?

So between late December and early January we had some VIPeeps staying with us.

It was a visit three years in the making.

I (Wally) was particularly nervous to meet them.

Can you guess who it was that came to visit and stay with us?

No Miss Madi, put your paw down…because you know who it was…we know you’ve been waiting ages to hear about the trip…OMD.

Anyhowl, so our special guests were none other than…









Finn and Charley’s momma & pops!

Can you believe it!? They flew aaaaaaaaaaaall the way from New York, U.S. of A to Johannesburg, South Africa and spent a whole week with us!

A week of visiting and sightseeing is A LOT to cover in a single post, so we’re going to have to stretch it over 2 or maybe 3. Now, don’t say we didn’t warn you. Get your walking shoes on…grab a water bowl and meet us back here for the next installment on Wednesday!

What’s Up?

What’s Up?

Arooo there China-Beans,

In case you didn’t notice, our secretary mom decided to update our blog page / appearance – she says just because we’re boys doesn’t mean we can’t have a “pretty” blog page. We say, where’s the camo background and survival font? We then saw the look on our secretary’s mom’s face and wagged our tails and backed slowly out of the room.

Anyhoooooooo-aroooooooo, our sweet friends (and doppelgangers – how’s THAT for BIG word on a Friday!?) over at Corkscot have awarded us the One Lovely Blog Award, isn’t that pawsome? Thank you SO much Sidney, Shelby and Sophie – we just love you three (especially Sophie and all the mischief she gets up to *BOL*)


According to the “rules” of the award we are to:

  • Thank the friends who nominated us – done.
  • Add a link to their blog – done (just click on “Corkscot).
  • Nominate up to 15 friends for the award – we know that the award has been doing the rounds and rather than re-nominate somebuddy who has already be nominated, we’re going to leave it open to anybuddy who would like to pick up the award, because let’s be honest ALL the bloggers in Blogville are LOVELY!!!
  • Share 7 facts about ourselves…oh dog, this is going to be fun!


Wallace: I get to go first, because I’m the oldest! Ok so I ,Wallace, only have one top canine tooth. Yup, because of my devilishly handsome overbite, I had to have my right canine removed because it was digging into my palate. This has however NOT stopped me from de-stuffy stuffies, chowing down on pig’s ears (sorry Bacon) or being able to bite holes in most all of MY toys.


Samuel: *sigh* Whatever Wally! I, Sammy, love to sleep on my back – you know to give the ol’…tummy (BOL, you thought I was going to bark something else there, didn’t you?) an airing out and possibly to entice any hoomans who may walk past to give me a tummy rub.

PicMonkey Collage

Wallace: I love to watch television. Anything with: dogs, cows, horses, hoomans or other animals running and babies. I personally think it’s a sign of superior intelligence #justsayin’

PicMonkey Collage2

Samuel: We both LOVE to munch on fresh vegetables as a treat after dinner. Our favourites include: cucumber, green beans, baby corn, sugar snaps and green peppers. We aren’t allowed leftovers / scraps from the table…ever. Mom says it’s for our own good…we’re not convinced.

PicMonkey Collage3

Wallace: I have been dating my girlfriend, Finn, for FOUR YEARS this coming Valentine’s Day. I love her, she is the most arooooootiful girl in all of Blogville.

Missing Wally

Samuel: *smoochy-smoochy-kissy-kissy* *BLUGH!* I am not so secretly trying to befriend my sister cat, Tallulah. We have good days and bad days. Here is a photo of a good day…until I decided to see if she wanted to play…and then it all kinda went down hill from there.


Wallace: I have NO desire whatsoever to befriend our sister cats. I like to bark at them and chase them and am curious to find out whether they taste like chicken.


PeeS: MOM, our not so competent secretary, pressed “Publish” instead of “Preview” while we were still writing our post, so if you got an e-mail for this post and it led to nothing please forward your complaints to: Wallace & Samuel’s Incompetent Mom.